#17: The Unresponsive Boss – My Crazy Office, Season 4

Kathi and Katherine talk about being ignored on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice about how to deal with a boss who does not respond to your emails.

Then we discuss our own relationship to email and being responsive.

2 Responses to “#17: The Unresponsive Boss – My Crazy Office, Season 4”

  1. Cynthia

    I look forward to these podcasts, especially since I’ve already listen to the archives versions. So informative and entertaining.
    In thinking about your next podcast, what could you say about a boss who refuses to hold certain members of the team responsible while mistreating the workhorses? I’ve worked on teams where a majority of the team is working while other members are slacking. The supervisor never holds the slacker accountable instead finds ways to blame the workhorses. Please advise.

    • Logan Medrano

      Great question Cynthia. Thanks so much for sending this in. Keep your ears peeled… We will answer your question next week!


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