We offer two packages — one for you (K-Talk Individual) and one for your office (K-Talk Corporate Meeting Kit).
K-Talks - Making A Business Meeting Effective
K-Talks - Managing Stress At Work
K-Talks - Breaking The Ties That Bind

Is there someone or something at work making you crazy?

Could you or your company use some business therapy?

Kathi and Katherine have your back.

K-Talk Corporate Meeting Kit

One-hour meeting kits that help your team, group, or department to work better together, gain recognition, and deal with emotions in the workplace.

Each kit includes a 20-minute K-Talk, participant handouts, group leader instructions, and discussion questions.

K-Talk Individual – Just For You

Twenty minutes of solid career advice, providing field-tested strategies for asking for a raise, managing conflict, and overcoming stressful relationships at work.

Download a 20 minute K-Talk, sit back, and get the information you need to deal with office politics, manage crazy-making co-workers, cope with difficult bosses and feel less stress at work.