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Mean Girls At Work

A woman’s guide to the new frontier of professional development

With women comprising more than 50% of the workforce today, a new dynamic has emerged- women competing with women at work. This book gives the female professional personal strategies and business tools for handling difficult situations unique to working with and for other women. It provides field-tested methods for navigating more than 70 different woman-to-woman situations in professional, psychologically healthy ways.

Working With You Is Killing Me

Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work

Almost everyone has someone at work who makes his/her life difficult (well, except for us!). In this book we offer proven techniques for counteracting any workplace relationship that rattles your nerves or limits your productivity. Explore what it means to get “hooked” and learn ways to break the cycle of frustration that threatens to unhinge your concentration and block your productivity.

Working For You Isn’t Working For Me

How to Get Ahead When Your Boss Holds You Back

Authors of the national bestseller Working With You Is Killing Me, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster show you how to recover from and interact with even the most challenging authority figures.