Kathi Elster — Career & Executive Coach

Kathi Elster -- Career & Executive Coach

Kathi helps individuals and companies with HR issues, leadership development, management training, career advancement, conflict negotiation, executive presence, staff reviews, and staff assessments. Her many years of experience working with both small and large companies make her the go-to person for training on how to manage up and manage down. Kathi cares deeply about the human side of the workplace. Her clients value Kathi’s straight forward, no nonsense, direct and insightful approach to career success while navigating workplace politics. They also appreciate her sense of humor.

Fun facts:

Kathi has a cat. Katherine has a dog.

Katherine loses things. Kathi finds things.

Kathi is dairy free. Katherine is gluten free.

Katherine hums all day long. Kathi is tone deaf.

Kathi works out in a gym. Katherine works out in the office.

Katherine watches Antiques Roadshow. Kathi watches The Real Housewives.

Kathi’s ideal getaway is a spa. Katherine’s ideal getaway is a hike in the mountains.

Katherine likes salt and bacon. Kathi likes sugar and chocolate.

Kathi went to Woodstock, while Katherine went to Micronesia.