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Career & Executive Coaching

Are you grooming yourself for a promotion, entering a new position, or building your credibility as a leader? K Squared provides customized one-on-one instruction and support so that you can develop the vital traits and interpersonal skills needed to become an effective leader. Read More

Career Therapy & Life Coaching

Whether it’s finding work you love, creating more balance in your life, making room for a relationship, or simply getting ready for the next exciting chapter of your life, K2 career and life coaching can get you there. We’re committed to helping you design a life and career path that fit you. Read More

Management Consulting/Workplace Assessment

Business leaders can be unaware of what their employees are thinking, and how alterations to their companies’ systems and communication can improve both staff and company performance. Effective staff assessments serve as useful tools for uncovering ways to turn your company around. Read More

Partnership Mediation

Like marriage partnerships, business partnerships take work. Are you launching a new business or having trouble with an existing business partnership? K2 partnership mediation services can help you uncover and resolve the interpersonal problems and business disputes that arise. Read More

H.R. Investigations

Managing conflict between and among employees can be stressful. In some cases, one staff member may accuse another staff member of misconduct. It’s important to investigate the complaint without betraying anyone’s confidence or tarnishing anyone’s reputation. Read More

Workshops and Lectures

K2 offers a variety of both informative and entertaining lectures and workshops. Acclaimed motivational speakers, Kathi and Katherine educate and enlighten audiences about the real skills needed to succeed at work using humor, interactive exercises and audience participation. Read More

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