Partnership Mediation

The K Squared Method

Are you considering a business partnership but think it may not be a good idea?

Are you in a partnership that is successful financially but difficult interpersonally?

Are you and your business partner constantly arguing or recovering from conflict?

It may be time to invest in partnership mediation.

The K Squared Method of partnership mediation allows all parties to express their concerns, identify their strengths, air past grievances, and resolve current disputes.

K Squared provides a confidential, professional environment where each partner has the opportunity to examine the strengths and weaknesses of their business association. Partners can make healthy decisions regarding the future of their company and the viablity of the partnership itself.

Using the executive acumen of Kathi Elster and the psychological savvy of Katherine Crowley, we work on:

  • Creating a safe environment to air grievances,
  • Establishing new methods of communication – both listening and speaking,
  • Reexamining shared goals for the company,
  • Building new systems of accountability,
  • Getting the relationship back on track.

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Partnership Mediation