The K Squared Method

The K Squared customized approach to learning will inspire your audience while delivering real-world, practical takeaways. Participants gain pertinent insights and concrete skills for managing their most challenging relationships at work.

Whether it involves dealing with difficult co-workers, managing challenging employees, navigating competition in the workforce, or surviving office politics, Kathi and Katherine are the #1 choice for entertaining and insightful speakers on the topic of building, improving, and managing relationships at work.

Hire Kathi and Katherine to help members of your staff, organization or association have greater job satisfaction by uncovering probable causes and crafting viable solutions to stressful situations and difficult relationships at work.

Sample topics include:

  • Building Your Leadership Presence Through Effective Communication
  • Leading Without Bleeding – Interpersonal skills leaders need to succeed
  • Competitive Women at Work – How to go from fighting to uniting
  • Managing a Multi-generation Workforce – Understanding what each generation needs
  • Working with You Is Killing Me – Building better relationships at work
  • Managing Up – Teaching your boss how to work with you
  • Managing Down – Business parenting techniques every boss should know

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