Katherine Crowley — Career Therapy & Life Coach

Katherine Crowley -- Career Therapy & Life Coach

Katherine is a licensed psychotherapist dedicated to helping individuals establish a clear vision for their lives that incorporates both personal desires and professional goals. Katherine understands that personal growth and professional development go hand in hand. With this in mind, she offers tools for career assessment, developing a personal vision, improving interpersonal skills, and overcoming emotional obstacles to success. She helps individuals design work lives that incorporate their skills, talents and lifestyle preferences. Her understanding of interpersonal dynamics at work combined with her empathy make Katherine a favorite go-to person for career-related therapy.

Fun facts:

Kathi has a cat. Katherine has a dog.

Katherine loses things. Kathi finds things.

Kathi is dairy free. Katherine is gluten free.

Katherine hums all day long. Kathi is tone deaf.

Kathi works out in a gym. Katherine works out in the office.

Katherine watches Antiques Roadshow. Kathi watches The Real Housewives.

Kathi’s ideal getaway is a spa. Katherine’s ideal getaway is a hike in the mountains.

Katherine likes salt and bacon. Kathi likes sugar and chocolate.

Kathi went to Woodstock, while Katherine went to Micronesia.