10 Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Current Boss /Job

  1. Everyone around you is tired of hearing about your situation – they frequently say things like “ Get out of there” “Why are you still at that job?”
  2. Your physical symptoms are no longer symptoms. You are receiving medical treatment for the manifestation of stress in your body.
  3. You cannot get out of bed in the morning. Sunday’s are full of feelings of dreadful anticipation.
  4. You are numbing yourself more than usual with alcohol, painkillers, and unhealthy food, excessive sleeping, isolating from friends and family.
  5. You feel depressed, you see no way to win. Your future looks hopeless.
  6. Your boss does not fulfill your needs or expectations and she/he hits all of your fears.
  7. Your boss is unethical, unreasonable; you and your boss are from different planets.
  8. Your sphere of influence is no longer the winning politically power in your company.
  9. Your protective boss has been replaced with a boss who you are not in favor with.
  10. You have tried to work things out, but nothing has changed for you.

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