3 Actions to Take When Dealing with a Difficult Boss

The best ways to deal with a difficult boss, is to take care of yourself by:

  1. Detaching – easier said then done, but by making sure that you are exercising – to release the negative energy of dealing with a difficult personality. A boss who is a grandiose or a control freak will exhaust you so finding ways to restore your energy are important.
  2. When dealing with a boss who lies, or is spine-less, take actions to repair you’re emotional state like seeking short-term counseling. Don’t isolate reach out and connect with friends to get a reality check, you are not crazy.
  3. It’s also important to rebuild your confidence. Difficult bosses like a angry yelling boss or a dismissive undermining boss have a way of eroding one’s self confidence, so please be sure to spend time with people who believe in you like a mentor or a past boss who will help you remember who you are.

Once you feel whole again you will be able to see that the issue is not you. At that time remember to document your boss’s actions and take them to HR.

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