Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? And yet, one of the major complaints at work is that employees’ are not appreciated enough. In fact, they often feel criticized and taken for granted.

To appreciate means to value, recognize or be grateful for something. If you aren’t getting enough appreciation at work, you’re probably angry about it. One way to turn this energy around is to give what you’d like to receive.

If you find yourself grumbling about the fact that no one ever recognizes how hard you work, stop for a moment and see who you can appreciate instead. Sounds like a Hallmark card, you say? Maybe, but it works.

Just find one person who you can acknowledge, authentically, for a job well done. Say what you appreciate out loud. Watch the reaction. Then look for someone else who could use some recognition. Appreciation can be contagious.

Today, if you feel undervalued at work, practice appreciating someone else. See if it doesn’t help just a little bit. Then appreciate your own efforts to feel better.

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