Keeping your cool

If someone says or does something that upsets you, it can be challenging to keep your cool. These days, many people are working long hours, performing several jobs at once, and sleep deprived. It can be even more challenging to stay calm under such stressful conditions. This is where conscious breathing comes in.

Whenever a person who tends to ruffle your feathers approaches, take a moment to catch your breath. That’s right. Just take a few slow, deep breaths and land in your body. Focus on the air coming into your lungs and going out of your lungs. Feel your chest fill up and empty out.

Then, as that irritant opens his or her mouth, take another deep breath and smile. Whatever they say…DON’T REACT. Instead, take another deep breath and respond with a neutral statement like “Is that so?” “Interesting,” or “Hmmm.” Then, breathe again.

The more you breathe, and the less you jump to defend yourself, the better you’ll be at keeping your cool.

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