I love the story about Keith Zackheim, the head of a 60-person public relations firm, threatening to fire the next person who fails to replenish the office’s carton of milk.

His frustration at repeatedly finding empty milk cartons (with two drops of milk left in them) in the company fridge is something almost every one can relate to.

What is it about replacing shared supplies that is so difficult for so many of us? Why do we think it’s fine to leave crumbs in a former bag of cookies for the next person to find?

I honestly don’t know, but I like Keith’s fervor. Why not create a consequence for failing to replenish a supply that everyone relies on and you used up?

I doubt anyone will actually get fired at Zackheim’s firm for milk crimes, but I appreciate the zeal.

One thought on “Milkgate

  • Bill Hendrickson says:

    My equivalent of the empty milk cartons is the copy machine being “out of paper”. Is itvreally possible that the prior user just hapened to need only the last sheet?

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