New Year New You

New Year – New You?

One of the morning T.V. shows is using the term New Year, New You as their tag line. The first time I heard this, I thought, what? Really? Just because it’s the beginning of the year, why do we have to start off like it’s a new page, a new life, a new beginning?

I’m so sick of that thinking. I don’t like to put that kind of pressure on myself. Why are we so programmed to think that on January 1st we must go on a diet, start a new workout routine, put money in savings, get to bed on time, go to the doctor, get our teeth whitened, etc, etc. I really don’t like New Years resolutions. They never work.

But, I do like goals they act as a guideline, so that we have direction. But resolutions are a recipe for failure.

So please set your yearly goals. The good news is that you don’t have to achieve them today, you have all year.

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  1. Neville Bean

    I’m so glad you make the distinction between resolutions (I should) and goals (here’s the plan). In this challenging time, I’m finding it much easier to accomplish what I need to do when I recognize that the process of reaching my goals is an incremental one. Flexibility is crucial in this time of great fluctuation and change. It may be that having a rigid “to do” list might actually make it harder to see new directions and opportunities.

    • Chetan

      gossip doesn’t always have to be bad it can be about cbeels and stuff. I think gossiping about other people is hurtful but i use talking about celeb gossip to start a conversation sometimes when i don’t really know what else to so guess ya gossip does make a bond in a way


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