Scary times – It’s hard to see possibilities

Have you noticed that all conversations end up negative? Every time I talk to someone eventually the conversation turns to “it’s so bad, how can they do this” It could be about: health insurance, clean water, global warming, war, terrorism, jobs, cost of gas, cost of food, making less money, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, cutting teachers, losing services, losing your home, losing your job, identity theft, getting sick and paying for it, wall street – how dare they? Etc.

It does seem that we are faced with a lot of challenges at this time, but aren’t there always challenges? What makes this time in history so scary? Is it the uncertainty? Is it the recession?

It’s hard to remember but in times of great challenges there is also great opportunities. I have been trying to catch myself as I spiral down into negative talk. When I hear myself going down the road of “this is not good” I try to change my conversation to something light and airy to bring myself back to possibilities.

So, here is my challenge to all of you. When you start to feel scared and you find yourself feeling negative about the future that is when you must ask yourself: What can I do to help solve this problem?

It’s the dreamers of the world who make things possible. It’s seeing what can be done when it looks like nothing can help.

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