The Best Revenge

There is a saying that living well is the best revenge. At work, enjoying what you do and taking pride in the results is the best revenge. If someone at work gets under your skin, do not let that person’s bad behavior overtake your mind. The more you focus on someone else’s bad behavior, the more he or she is “winning.”

Instead of obsessing about what he or she did, try focusing in on what you need to accomplish today. Try paying very close attention to the project you’re working on or the presentation you’re designing. If you interact with clients or colleagues, give them your full concentration.

Why is that important? For two reasons: First, by focusing on doing something constructive you gain a sense of power and accomplishment. Second, putting your energy into a creative endeavor will energize you. When you do have to deal with the irritating colleague or boss or customer again, you won’t feel totally drained and depleted.

It may take a while to come up with a winning strategy for handling a difficult workplace relationship. In the mean time, committing to creating results that you can be proud of is the best revenge.

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