What to do when business slows down

It’s summertime, and for many industries that means that things happen at a slower pace. Decision makers take vacation, contracts stall, sales take longer to complete. The warmer days allow for more leisure, but the sluggish pace of doing business can be unnerving.

Here are some ideas for keeping things fresh even if your office seems quiet:

1) Add depth to some of your business relationships

Contact those customers or business associates that you normally interact with virtually, and invite them to meet in person for an ice coffee, breakfast or lunch.

2) Complete a short-term project with long-term benefits

Design a new package or product; create a fresh web page, brand image, or social media presence; learn a new skill that will enhance your career.

3) If you feel restless inside, create an excuse for being outside

Organize or attend an outdoor networking event. Invite your favorite business associates to a game, a movie, or an outdoor café.

4) If everyone is on vacation, take the hint and plan your own

Even if you can only afford a few days off, give yourself a true break and chill.

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