What’s happening RIGHT NOW?

Sometimes the best way to reduce stress at work is to stop for a moment and ground yourself in the present moment. Yes, you’ve got deadlines looming. Yes, your inbox is full of unread emails. Yes, there’s a client or coworker or boss who’s pressuring you. But what is happening RIGHT NOW?

Right now, you may be sitting at your desk or traveling to work or buying a cup of coffee. Right now, it’s 8 o’clock or 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.. Right now, you may be sitting or standing or walking somewhere. Right now, you can take a deep breath, look around you, feel your feet on the ground, and BE PRESENT.

RIGHT NOW – this is your point of power. Not racing forward with worry or looking backward with remorse; not rehearsing or rehashing conversations with people who aren’t in the room. Not obsessing about what you have or haven’t accomplished.

Breathe. Land in your body. Take in your surroundings. Notice what is right in front of you. Then see what you can do RIGHT NOW.

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  • What a beautiful way to dispel the fatal siren song of “multi-tasking!” However, being present ain’t so easy all the time – at least I don’t find it easy on any consistent basis. I don’t know what it is about the present moment that makes it so elusive. Is it avoided because we fear it, misunderstand it, cannot identify it, dislike it or what? I know first-hand that when I am not right here, right now, I am ineffective, unhappy and fearful, so why don’t I just stay here!?! That’s what I don’t get! I guess I just don’t have the self-discipline or maybe I just need to keep practicing. I think that’s just what I’ll do!

    • Thanks so much for sharing. Your experience is a universal one. The challenge is sitting in our own skin. It’s not easy because the mind wants to run. It wants to solve every problem right away, attack anyone who may be threatening, get rid of any discomfort we may be feeling. This is where the breath comes in. Literally taking a few slow, deep breaths and planting our feet in the present moment, can calm things down. But not without the mind putting up a good fight! Good luck with your practice.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Katherine! I have often wondered if my brain fears no-thinking the same as my heart fears no-beating! Regardless of the fears-real or imagined- I do and will hang on to my steadfast practice!

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