5 Signs That You Need an Executive Coach

During these times of rapid change, many people in management positions are navigating both personal and professional challenges. Perhaps you’re one of those people. You may have recently been promoted to a more advanced management position. Or, maybe your company is under new management,
Or possibly your job has been re-defined and you find yourself managing former peers. Faced with these kinds of career changes, it can be difficult to find the guidance you need.

That’s when an executive coach can provide invaluable support. The job of an executive coach is to assist you in developing professionally and meeting your personal career goals. Executive coaching is designed to enhance on-the-job performance. It helps you develop strategic and leadership skills so that you can meet whatever challenges arise in your workplace.

When is it time to hire an executive coach?

While you may like the idea of having your own support system at work, you may also wonder when it’s appropriate to hire a coach. We’ve identified five situations where the guidance and counsel of an executive coach can really make a difference:

  1. – You’re looking for a confidante but don’t have anyone at work that you can trust.
  2. – You know your career could use a boost but you’re not sure what to do.
  3. – You’re feeling unchallenged at work, and contemplating a job or a career change.
  4. – You’ve been promoted but you aren’t feeling worthy of the promotion.
  5. – You have goals but you aren’t reaching them. Something is in the way but you don’t know what it is.

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