What does it take to re-invent your career?

As an executive coach in today’s economy I find myself helping many clients re-invent their careers. I like to say “welcome to the age of opportunity disguised as loss.” As industries shrink and change, staying on top of your skills and seeing work in a slightly different way becomes the new survivor’s thinking.

Re-inventing your career usually requires a period of unknowing; of being a beginner again. You must be willing to learn new skills, investigate new industries and build new relationships.

During this kind of career transition, it’s possible to construct an interim, more general definition of your talents, skills and capabilities. This short-term identity is based on the skills that you’d like to continue to use as you enter your new career path.
Here are 5 tips to remember when re-inventing your career.

  1. – Get help in defining the skills and talents that you’d like to apply to a new position.
  2. – Build your credibility in this new area by volunteering, interning or getting trained or educated.
  3. – Attend events where you can meet new people and forge new business relationships.
  4. – Find others who have successfully re-invented their careers for support.
  5. – Practice positive thinking while navigating your discomfort.

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