Have you ever heard the saying, “If you’re feeling hysterical, it’s probably historical?” It’s one of my favorite sayings in the world because it’s often so true.

Think about it… when someone interrupts you during a meeting and you suddenly want to punch that person’s lights out – is it really because of that one interruption? When a client criticizes your work and you feel embarrassed, sad, angry to the core, is it really about that client’s singular critique?

Deep, strong, historical feelings can get triggered by single incidents where the offender has no idea that he or she said or did something to upset you.

The next time YOU feel hysterical because of someone else’s behavior or words, take a moment. Give yourself some time to investigate what might be happening inside of you. Go for a run, call a friend, allow the toxins to rise up and out of you. If you can trace the strong emotions to historical events, you could have an ah-hah moment and let some of that history go.

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