Workplace Revenge

Read some interesting research today. I learned that retaliating against a boss is more acceptable to employees if the retaliation is an act of no action or omission, than active efforts to harm an unfair boss. I knew this somewhere in my head, but I had to read it to believe it. So this means that employees who are angry with their boss or maybe a co-worker feel it’s O.K. to forget to send an important piece of information or they may wait till it’s almost too late.

This kind of passive-aggressive behavior now takes on a new meaning. There are passive -aggressive people who just behave that way, but now I believe that regular people who want to retaliate have found a way to harm another without being caught.

O.K. I admit to doing this myself, and I’m sure most people have done it, but imagine if everyone at work was really harming one another in a silent war.

In a healthy workplace there is probably very little of this, because in a healthy workplace everyone functions as a team that supports each other.

But, if you are working in an unhealthy work place, this is probably going on all the time. What makes this so disturbing, is that it’s hard to prove that this is happening. So in general this behavior can be very damaging.

Let’s all try to resist the temptation to retaliate by no action or omission. Even if it seems so delicious and irresistible, make a conscience effort to be up front.

0 thoughts on “Workplace Revenge

  • How do you deal with this when you feel it’s happening? As you said, it’s hard to prove. In my situation so I go with my ‘gut feeling’ and fire the employee?

    • workingforyou says:

      It may take a while, but just being aware that you are doing it will help you the next time you find yourself doing it you will probably think twice. It’s more about self awareness then about self editing.

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