My Crazy Office – Episode 1

Listen to the first episode of “My Crazy Office” with Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster available via iTunes.

In this segment, Kathi and Katherine answer 2 questions about workplace related problems:

1) What to do when a coworker is condescending.

2) What to do when a boss limits bathroom breaks.


0 thoughts on “My Crazy Office – Episode 1

  • Hi,
    I recently took a job as a controller at a small, family owned construction company. I have 2 people under me and when I started, the management took their over-time away. They are constantly complaining to me that they took a pay cut and want more money. They are both at the top of their salary levels and I’m just tired of hearing them complain.

  • Hi Logan,
    Thanks! I did listen and was SO excited to hear my question was read!

    I think I probably should have given more info. The two employees were never told that over-time was a part of their deal. They were working over-time because a staff member left and the work would go back to normal when I came in. Plus these two workers are not “model” employees and milk the system. But it was good advice anyways. I LOVE the show!

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