12 Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A New Employee

The 12 questions to ask yourself when hiring a new employee

  1. Is this person capable of multitasking and learning at the level we need?
  2. Does this person take negative or constructive feedback from management well?
  3. Does this person have the time management skills required for this job?
  4. Has this person demonstrated that he/she comprehends this position fully?
  5. Can this person take direction? Or is this person a bad listener?
  6. Does this person ask the right questions? Or does this person ask the same questions too often?
  7. Does this person show initiative?
  8. Has this person proved to me that they have a desire to learn the job they are being hired to do?
  9. Does this person have enthusiasm for the work we do?
  10. Does this person have the skills that is required to do this job?
  11. Does this person communicate clearly?
  12. Does this person fit our culture?