What’s the Plan?

At the start of a new year, it’s common for individuals to set new intentions, make resolutions and map out new goals. But what if you aren’t sure what you want to accomplish this year? How do you make a plan?

Sometimes, the best way to begin planning is by remembering what matters to you. In our case, we are passionate about helping people take responsibility for their work lives and create fulfilling careers. Our plan should incorporate activities that allow us to profitably assist individuals as they navigate their most challenging workplace relationships and pursue their most heartfelt career goals. To that end, we can focus on producing, marketing and distributing goods and services that achieve those desired results.

How about you? What matters most in your world? Do you care about health, information, art, technology? Do you want to influence others, lead a team, or blaze your own trail? Are you passionate about politics, the environment, travel? Once you tap into what matters most, try crafting a plan for 2013 that allows you to pursue it. You’ll enjoy the journey — I promise.