The Body Knows a Friend from a Frenemy at Work

Our bodies are amazing instruments if we can learn to read them properly. They alert us of positive connections by warming up, feeling safe, or being able to relax. They also inform us of potential danger by tightening up, sending chills, or creating anxiety.

There may be certain people at work who seem like friends, but feel like frenemies. These are the individuals who say nice things to your face, smile when they see you, yet leave you with a queasy feeling inside.

It’s not the pizza you ate for lunch. That funny feeling may be your body telling you to proceed cautiously with this person. Your body’s negative reaction could be signalling potential danger.

So, learn to listen to your body. Don’t assume the worst about a colleague. But if your system says, “caution,” then allow this individual to earn your trust rather than just handing it over.

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