Change is in the air

When one door closes another opens. Change is good. Isn’t that the wisdom people give you when things are not going your way? I know this wisdom well, I say it all the time to everyone around me, but enough is enough. How much change are you dealing with?

For me, so many things have gone away or changed in some way and I find myself out of my comfort zone.

I left my gym after 8 years for a variety of reasons, my hairdresser upped his price to an unreasonable amount, I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you.

I’m beginning to get the picture that change is the new norm for me, at least for the next year (because a friend told me that capricorns have a year of constant change this year). I want to get comfortable with change, but then I would have to let go of knowing, and that’s so hard for me.

I guess it also means that I have to give up CONTROL. I have been reading a lot about letting go of control and being in the moment. It helps for a little while.

So while I let go of control, and let go of things I am comfortable with all around me, I am excited to see what is in store on the other side of all this change. But, in the man time I feel like a small child waiting to be a grown up in control of my life, Oh wait I am the grown up.

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