The Business of Breathing

Have you ever just stopped during a work day and noticed your breathing? I have, and what I usually notice is how shallow it is when I’m feeling stressed out or fearful about something.

We always hear yoga instructors and meditation teachers telling us to breathe. But it’s more difficult to remember when you’re running to get to work or racing to make a deadline. Even scanning email or texting can lead to shallow, quick breathing which creates more tension, more headaches, more mental noise.

So here’s my challenge to you: As you read this, stop and notice your breathing. How is it? Fast? Slow? Deep? Shallow? Choppy? Smooth? Can you breathe down into your belly or does it stay in your upper chest? Can you breathe into your shoulders? Can you breathe down to your toes?

Just a few moments spent focused on your breath can open the door for less stress, less fear, and better concentration. And that lighter state will improve your productivity in ways that the shallow-breathing you can’t imagine.