#13: Zoom 101 – My Crazy Office, Season 7

Kathi and Katherine talk about Zoom, video calls, and red flags on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice to a jobseeker who had a strange Zoom call interview.

Then we discuss what managers should do if certain staff don’t put their cameras on during video calls.

0 thoughts on “#13: Zoom 101 – My Crazy Office, Season 7

  • Yayyy!! Loved this episode re: Zoom calls! However, one of the challenges that I’ve had with the Zoom camera and WFH relates to equity. If I live in a nice home, I have no problem showing it. But if I don’t – ie. managing homeschooling, lower income – it’s a hard conversation to have employees show up using their videos all of the time. Loved your suggestion about creating a policy that fits and would encourage managers to take a variety of needs and circumstances into consideration. For example, I know how much angst I would have had if I would have had to show up on camera in the first apt I had when I got out of college. #dodgedabullet My heart goes out to anyone who is juggling that same scenario!

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