Giving Yourself Credit

Ever notice yourself wanting more credit or recognition or appreciation from others for your hard work? Ever resent the people who have no problem patting themselves on the back or bragging about their accomplishments?

Building your own sense of value and confidence at work is an ongoing exercise. This is especially true if you work for someone who is highly demanding or extremely critical. It may also be true if you work for a company that expects everyone to bend over backwards to meet its goals

Today, try giving yourself credit for the things you wish someone else would appreciate. If you finish a report ahead of schedule, pat yourself on the back. If you field numerous customer complaints, acknowledge the skill and patience it took to do that. If you solve a major glitch in a software program, stand up and take a bow.

Taking a moment to savor your successes will increase you enjoyment at work. If you’re too busy to notice what you accomplished during the day, take a moment after work to write down three things you did right.

Yes, it would be better if the people you work for were more appreciative, but don’t let that stop you from taking in the good.


Is there someone at work who is able to take credit for every little thing that happens? Is this person great at dropping the names of influential people; eager to announce his or her accomplishments in any public setting? Self-promoters can get under your skin and rattle your last nerve. Their overblown self-importance can really hook you.

Here’s something to consider. Is there something you can learn from this completely irritating person? Of course you don’t want to mimic their behavior, but could you adapt their ability to broadcast success?

You don’t have to become a sell-out or a braggart. You can share your accomplishments in a way that is consistent with who you are – send an email to your supervisor, prepare a positive report for a staff meeting, share the credit for a job well done with your entire team.

The point is to stop expecting your work to speak for itself while you quietly resent the people who happily advertise their wonderful selves. Take a lesson from your company’s shameless self-promoters. Find a way to showcase your accomplishments for others to see.