Screen Addiction: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 4

Kathi and Katherine discuss screen addiction on this My Crazy Office Overtime episode.

First we define what screen addiction is.

Then we discuss how screen addiction affects our everyday lives and interpersonal relationships.

#8: Attire Matters & The Right To Disconnect – My Crazy Office, Season 4

Kathi and Katherine talk about two topics on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we discuss what an interviewer’s attire may reveal about themselves and the work culture.

Then we talk about a new law enacted overseas in which all mobile devices and computers are turned off after work hours.

#35 – Phubbing (aka Phone Snubbing): My Crazy Office, Season 2

Kathi and Katherine discuss phubbing – or “phone snubbing” – in the workplace on this episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice to an employee whose boss is constantly distracted by his smart phone.

Then we give guidance to a manager who has inattentive employees due to their smart phone use during meetings.

#50 – Phone Etiquette & Facebook Friend Requests: My Crazy Office, Season 1

Hello and welcome to a new episode of the My Crazy Office podcast! This week, we are joined for the first time by etiquette expert, speaker and writer, Mister Manners.

Some employees use their cellphones excessively in the workplace. On this episode, we discuss proper cellphone etiquette.

We also give advice about whether to accept or deny Facebook friend request from coworkers.

For more information on Mr. Manners visit his website Also follow him on twitter @MisterManners.

#46 – Tyrannical Boss & Cell Phone Use: My Crazy Office, Season 1

This week on My Crazy Office we are joined for a second time by comedian Mike Fine! He helps us discuss ways to handle the tyrannical rule of a boss. He also aids us in how to handle an avid cell phone texter.

For more information on Mike Fine visit his website You can also reach him via Facebook.