Is Your Boss Leaving?

What do you do if your current boss leaves for another job? It’s not always clear. In this My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine discuss how to adjust when your boss leaves and a new boss appears. First, they consider a situation where the employee has a great boss and that person takes a new position. Then Kathi and Katherine discuss what it means when a boss you can’t stand moves on.

Are You A Mean Girl Or Guy?: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 7

Kathi and Katherine talk about mean people at work on this week’s My Crazy Office Overtime show.

Are you a mean girl or guy at work?

Listen to this week’s podcast here.

The Exploder: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 4

Kathi and Katherine talk about the workplace exploder on this week’s My Crazy Office Overtime episode.

What are the signs and symptoms of an “exploder?”

How should you deal with an angry boss or coworker that goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds? Listen here.

#46 – Tyrannical Boss & Cell Phone Use: My Crazy Office, Season 1

This week on My Crazy Office we are joined for a second time by comedian Mike Fine! He helps us discuss ways to handle the tyrannical rule of a boss. He also aids us in how to handle an avid cell phone texter.

For more information on Mike Fine visit his website You can also reach him via Facebook.

#37 – Friend vs Colleague & A Mean Boss: My Crazy Office, Season 1

On this week’s episode of My Crazy Office, we are joined for the first time by comedian Kirk Faulkner!

We discuss ways to deal with an employee who crosses the fine line between friend and colleague.

We also give advice about how to handle a boss who is downright mean.

For more information on Kirk Faulkner follow him on Twitter @thedailykirk. You can also find him via Facebook under kirkfaulknercomedy.

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