The Disease To Please: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 3

Kathi and Katherine talk about our desire to please others in the workplace on this episode of My Crazy Office Overtime.

Is it difficult for you to say “no?” We talk about why and offer some advice.

#40 – Vocal Fry & Up Speak: My Crazy Office, Season 2

Radio reporter and host of The Broad Experience Podcast, Ashley Milne-Tyte joins us on this week’s episode of My Crazy Office. We discuss two language trends among the workplace – vocal fry and up speak.

First we give advice to a manager about how to hire potential employees who do not sound professional when they speak.

Then we give advice to an employee who gets passed over for a job because the way she speaks sounds ‘unintelligent.’

For more information on Ashley Milne-Tyte check out her website: and follow her via Twitter here: @ashleymilnetyte