Are You Working with a Super Spreader?

On this My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine address the issue of people who come to work sick and spread their sickness to others. They start with a question from someone whose co-worker came to work with a cough and fever, and proceeded to infect others with that illness. We’ll talk about what your options are if you have a coworker who insists on being a super spreader.

Social Media in the Office

On this My Crazy Office episode, Kathi and Katherine talk about a tricky topic — social media in the workplace. They start with a question from someone whose coworker plays TikTok videos all day long, and the distracting sound and sight of those videos make it hard for this person to concentrate and do her job. During the second part of the podcast, Kathi and Katherine look at the same situation from the TikTok player’s point of view. Why can’t social media be used as a tool for de-stressing at work?