Remote Working — Are You Double Dipping?

On this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine explore a hot topic — How working remotely enables certain employees to work two jobs at the same time. They start with a question from a business owner who suspects that two of his employees might be double dipping. Kathi and Katherine also consider under what circumstances working a side job may be acceptable.

0 thoughts on “Remote Working — Are You Double Dipping?

  • If the employer really doesn’t know what is going on, wouldn’t termination be tricky? Aside from at-will employment, what if the employee really is going to medical appointments and dealing with a illness that they don’t feel comfortable disclosing to the employer – especially if the employer is questioning them with an accusatory tone?

  • …also, my specialist doesn’t work evenings and weekends, and I have to see them in person. They don’t cater to my availability. There are a lot of assumptions in this episode, unfortunately.

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