How to Take the High Road When Someone Triggers You

Today on My Crazy Office Podcast, Kathi and Katherine talk about the importance of taking the high road when irritating people say things that make you want to fight back. Taking the high road involves communicating in a way that moves things forward instead of getting stuck in a power struggle.
Kathi and Katherine start with a question from someone who is excelling at his new job but gets derailed every time a certain coworker makes disparaging remarks. Listen to how you can take the high road rather than taking the bait.

#43: Knowing Your Hooks – My Crazy Office, Season 5

Kathi and Katherine talk about hooks on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we discuss how to handle those people at work who “hook” you.

Then we give advice about knowing your hooks.

Opening your business tool box

Very often the situations at work that seem the most “broken” can be at least partially repaired by opening your business tool box.

What is that you ask? It’s the conceptual “box” that holds a variety of business tools; tools that can be used in business interactions. The average business tool box contains job descriptions, office procedures, company policies, meeting agendas, and all kinds of documentation. Your business tool box may contain emails, time sheets, departmental goals and employee evaluation forms.

You have a meeting with someone who makes you nervous? Open your tool box and pull out a meeting agenda. Preparing a list of the items you want to cover with this person will help both of you get more out of the meeting.

Is there a person at work whose behavior seems wildly inappropriate? Open up your tool box and pull out the documentation tool. Keep a clear record of your transactions — what the other person says, does and communicates to you. If you want proof of this colleague’s crazy behavior, documentation is the tool that will help you most.

What is your challenge today? Look at your business tools and see which ones can come to your aid.

It’s warmer outside…Get moving!

Okay, no more excuses. As the cold and frost move out, it’s time for exercise to move in. We know. You’re too busy to exercise. Sure. That’s why you spend HOURS watching tv, playing video games, and tweeting. Exercise doesn’t have to take long — 15 to 20 minutes a day — and it’s the single best remedy for stress. So follow our Ask K2 advice about Dealing with Heavy Stress at Work, and unhook physically from anything that bothers you.