Working with a Sacred Cow

On this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine discuss how to handle a very challenging kind of employee — the Sacred Cow. They start with a question from someone who recently began working at a corporate research company. He needs the assistance of a long-time employee to do his job, but that person doesn’t want to help him. During the second part of the podcast, Kathi and Katherine consider what it’s like to manage a sacred cow employee — especially when you know they will never be fired.

How to Take the High Road When Someone Triggers You

Today on My Crazy Office Podcast, Kathi and Katherine talk about the importance of taking the high road when irritating people say things that make you want to fight back. Taking the high road involves communicating in a way that moves things forward instead of getting stuck in a power struggle.
Kathi and Katherine start with a question from someone who is excelling at his new job but gets derailed every time a certain coworker makes disparaging remarks. Listen to how you can take the high road rather than taking the bait.