#6: Salary Equity – My Crazy Office, Season 7

Kathi and Katherine talk about salary equity on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice to someone who accidentally learns that she’s making less money than her coworker.

Then we discuss the dilemma managers face when having to hire people at higher salaries than current staff.

#10: Dan Price & Pay Equity: My Crazy Office, Season 2

Kathi and Katherine focus on equity and in inequity in the workplace on this episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First, we talk about Gravity Payments CEO, Dan Price and his innovative $70,000 wage proposal.

Next, we discuss what to do when you discover a new employee makes more money than you do.

#53 – The Ins & Outs of Partnership: My Crazy Office, Season 1

Johanna Fateman and Shaun Surething talk with Kathi & Katherine about what it takes to be in a successful business partnership on the week’s episode of My Crazy Office.

We talk about the birth and success of Seagull Hair Salon and then delve into two partnership questions.

What should one consider before forming a partnership? And how does one deal with a partnership that is beginning to go sour?

For more information on Shaun Surething visit his website seagullhair.com. Also, shaunsurething.com.

For more information on Johanna Fateman visit her website johannafateman.com. Also, follow her via Twitter: @johannafatemen.

#39 – Gender Equality & Superiority Complexes: My Crazy Office, Season 1

On today’s episode of My Crazy Office we are joined for the first time by the very funny comedian Elisha.

First we discuss an issue with salary and how a gentleman with the same position as his female colleague is receiving more money than her.

Secondly, we give advice about how to deal with a co-worker who has a nasty complex of superiority.

For more information on Elisha find him via Facebook under Elisha FunnyGuy.