Why Can’t I Find a Good Boss?

Sometimes it seems like a good boss is impossible to find. On this My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine examine why it’s so difficult to find skilled bosses, what it means to manage up, and how to make working for a bad boss better.

Are You Often Disappointed at Work?

It’s easy to be disappointed at work. A new hire may not be all you hoped for, a new boss may promise a lot but fail to deliver, and a new job may look great before you take it only to become a serious disappointment.

In this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine examine the nature of disappointment at work and offer proven techniques for managing those situations that challenge your ability to thrive.

#1: Disappointing New Job – My Crazy Office, Season 9

Kathi and Katherine talk about a disappointing new job on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice to someone who thought their new job would bring exciting projects, working for someone they respect, only to be disappointed.

Then we discuss why certain managers believe that every new hire should pay their dues.