Is Your Boss a Gossip?

On this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine address a tricky topic: What do you do if your boss is a gossip? They start with a question from someone whose new boss is friendly but a little too familiar. This boss shares personal information about everyone in the office and asks probing question about the employee’s personal life. Kathi and Katherine discuss how to set boundaries with a gossip-seeking boss.

Are You Known as a Gossip at Work?

In this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi, and Katherine address a topic that every workplace grapples with — GOSSIP. They start with a question from someone who recently realized that her boss views her as a gossip, and wonders whether that label might hurt her career. Kathi and Katherine go on to describe the best remedy for gossip at work — The No Gossip Diet.

#34: The Gossiping Boss – My Crazy Office, Season 8

Kathi and Katherine talk about gossiping bosses on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we discuss what to do when you realize that your boss uses meetings to gossip.

Then we give advice to managers that like to gossip in the workplace.