Is Your Boss a Gossip?

On this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine address a tricky topic: What do you do if your boss is a gossip? They start with a question from someone whose new boss is friendly but a little too familiar. This boss shares personal information about everyone in the office and asks probing question about the employee’s personal life. Kathi and Katherine discuss how to set boundaries with a gossip-seeking boss.

The Importance of Leaving a Job Well

Kathi and Katherine discuss the importance of leaving a job well — even if it’s a job you don’t like.
They share a story from someone who was able to leave a job (and a company) he hated on good terms, and ultimately experienced very positive results.

Afraid to Manage Your Staff Because You Know Too Much?

Sometimes, the more you know about your staff’s personal lives, the harder it is to hold them accountable. In this podcast, Kathi and Katherine discuss how challenging it can be to hold employees responsible for their work product, when you know too much about their challenges outside of work.

The Politics of a Promotion

Receiving a promotion can be exciting, but once you move into the new position, you may find out that much of the job involves navigating the politics. Join Kathi and Katherine as they discuss how to manage the political aspects of moving into an executive position.

Are You Working in a Trustworthy Environment?

One of the things that can be more difficult to establish when we work remotely or in hybrid situations is a feeling of trust. Because we can’t see each other, it’s harder to verify what is really going on.
In this podcast, Kathi and Katherine examine the qualities of two kinds of work environments: Trustworthy and lacking trust. Join us and see which one you relate to.

Personal Politics: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 5

Kathi and Katherine talk about personal politics on this week’s My Crazy Office Overtime episode.

How do you keep politics out the workplace in this challenging time?

Listen to this week’s podcast for advice here.

#45: Bonnie Marcus & The Politics of Promotion – My Crazy Office, Season 3

On this week’s My Crazy Office podcast show, Kathi and Katherine are joined by entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker – Bonnie Marcus.

First we give advice to a woman returning from maternity leave with the desire to continue her career growth.

Then we have a discussion about concepts in Bonnie’s book – The Politics of Promotion. For more information about Bonnie visit her website

#32 – Sex and Politics: My Crazy Office, Season 2

Kathi and Katherine discuss sex and politics in the workplace on this episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we give advice to an individual whose boss strongly enforces his political views in the office.

Then we talk about what an employee should do when their new boss makes sexual advances at them.