Need To Leave Your Job But Can’t?

On this episode of My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine discuss a common phenomenon: why some people who know they need to leave their jobs can’t. They start with a question from someone who works in a horrible situation, but can’t take steps to find a better job. Kathi and Katherine consider what prevents individuals from leaving bad situations, and how those same people can coax themselves forward.

Are You Working in a Trustworthy Environment?

One of the things that can be more difficult to establish when we work remotely or in hybrid situations is a feeling of trust. Because we can’t see each other, it’s harder to verify what is really going on.
In this podcast, Kathi and Katherine examine the qualities of two kinds of work environments: Trustworthy and lacking trust. Join us and see which one you relate to.

Dealing with Uncertainty at Work

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The pandemic shook up the way we do business, our work routines, and how we think about our lives. Add war, inflation, political unrest, and climate change, and you’ve got a lot of uncertainty. In this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine offer concrete ways to manage uncertainty on the job and in general.

We Hire for Skill and Pay for Personality

It’s not enough to hire someone with the right skill set. You want to hire the right personality — for your company and the job. In this My Crazy Office episode, Kathi and Katherine discuss why personality, in the form of work ethic, professional behavior, and interpersonal skills, is what employers really pay for.

#23: Distorted Sense of Self – My Crazy Office, Season 8

Kathi and Katherine talk about distorted self-perception on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

This week we give advice to a manager whose employee believes herself flexible, hardworking and a team player but she actually behaves in the opposite manner.

How can they manage someone with a distorted sense of self?