Have You Been Unfairly Labeled at Work?

On this My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine talk about what you should do if you’ve been unfairly labeled at work. They start with a question from someone whose boss keeps saying she needs to “up her game,” and work harder — even though her colleagues describe her as the hardest working member of the team. Kathi and Katherine describe other ways that people can be labeled at work, and what you can do to address it.

#29: Age Differences At Work – My Crazy Office, Season 4

Kathi and Logan talk about age differences in the workplace on this week’s episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we discuss the varying age differences at work.

Then we talk about stereotyping and biases between generations.

Tainted Impressions: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 4

Kathi and Katherine discuss tainted impressions on this My Crazy Office Overtime episode.

What happens when you hear a piece of gossip about someone and it changes your impression of that person? Tweet us @askk2 or send an email to info@mycrazyoffice.co. Listen here.

#26 – Workplace Biases: My Crazy Office, Season 2

Kathi and Katherine answer questions about workplace biases on this episode of the My Crazy Office podcast.

First we discuss what an individual should do when their employer tells them to lose weight in order to progress at work.

Then we give advice about how to handle a workplace accusation based on racial bias.