Finding the Essential in Your Work – The Measure of Who We Are is How We Make Ourselves Useful in Chaos

During this pandemic, it’s our essential workers who can travel and physically go to work while the rest of us shelter at home. We naturally and deservingly celebrate these dedicated and courageous members of our workforce. We are forever grateful to our medical workers, police and firefighters, EMT’s, transit workers, mailmen, package delivery folks, food delivery people, supermarket personnel, liquor store workers, military etc.

If you are not considered an essential worker today, that does not mean your work is not important and essential at other times. But, many of my clients are wondering how they can be of service at this time. Some are feeling sad that their work is not needed, and some are discovering what can be essential in what they are doing.

How do you become essential? By making your product or service useful to your customers at this time.

For example, you may want to offer your product or service at a very low cost today in order to insure business in the future. If you have a product, it might be time to put that product on sale to make it more desirable. If you are a hairstylist, fitness trainer or home organizer, you may want to reach out to your clients and see if you can help them do some maintenance with a video call. 

If you are a travel professional, it could be time to reach out to your customers and talk about future trends, or get them excited about what’s next. It’s best to stay in touch. Remember out of sight before you become out of mind.

Ask yourself:   

  • What will my customers need when we emerge – immediate & long term?
  • Should we package our work differently – maybe online?
  • Should we redesign our pricing to incentivize for a while?
  • How can we celebrate our business as essential and necessary?  
  • How can we make it available immediately for service or delivery?
  • How can we celebrate our customers with something that is essential? 

Think out of the box and be generous. Think Strategically:

  • Be useful
  • Be helpful
  • Be grateful
  • Be forward thinking
  • Be resourceful
  • Be creative and original

We are all in this together, and together we will get through this. All of our customers and clients will once again need us more then they need at this time. Business will resume. The economy will come back, and so will our work.

Kathi Elster – Executive Coach and co-owner of K Squared Enterprises.

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Bring More Purpose Into Your Work Life

The CoVid-19 Pandemic quarantine has forced many of us to slow down and become quiet. When we become quiet we have the opportunity to hear our deepest thoughts.

If you still have your job you might be asking yourself, “Is my work fulfilling my purpose?” If you lost your job you might be thinking, “I want more meaning and purpose in my next position.” If you run your own business you might be thinking, “How can my business be more aligned with my purpose and passion?”

Many of my clients have told me they find themselves thinking deeply and wondering if now is the time to pivot and move towards finding the work they really want. Many are seeing that they are in fact doing work that is meaningful to them. And some are asking themselves, “OK, what really matters to me and what’s next?”

In order to connect to your purpose, start by identifying your values. Take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

1 – What are 3 experiences in your life that left you feeling proud and on purpose?

2 – What are 3 experiences in your life that gave you the greatest peace and satisfaction?

3 – What are 3 experiences in your life where you felt most alive?

4 – What are the 3 qualities that you find most admirable in other people?

5 – What 3 words explain you at your best?

6 – 200 years from today, what is the one thing you’d like people to say about you?

The answers to these questions will give you a clue into your deepest values, which are the down payment on your purpose.  

In my work I find that the most fulfilled people are the ones who do not compromise their values and by doing so they end up in a workplace that gives them purpose.  

My client and friend Carol is the most loving and compassionate person I know. 

I originally met her when she worked in HR for a Hospice. It’s no wonder that she now works for an organization that houses the homeless, overseeing their 950+ person staff.

I have another client who, after law school, worked for an organization that did legal work for women who were sex trafficked. It’s no surprise that today she works to better the lives of under-privileged children. 

I also have an extroverted, artistic client who’s always found meaning in making sure that others are happy. She became a photographer that shoots weddings and other happy occasions.

Finding your values to understand your purpose will contribute to your passion and ultimately support your performance. In a loud business world that touts money, overdrive, and prestige, it can sometimes feel second class or not truly business smart to care about being true to yourself. Do not be afraid.

Over the 30 years that I have been advocating living your purpose and values, I think now is the time to make Living Our Purpose the way to go!!!

Kathi Elster – Executive Coach and co-owner of K Squared Enterprises.

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