Is There a Troublemaker at Your Company? Is It You?

On this episode of My Crazy Office, Kathi and Katherine address a certain kind of role at work – the role of rebel or scapegoat. Rebels (or scapegoats) are those individuals who view themselves as the truthtellers at work. They are willing to challenge the status quo and fight for what they think is right. Unfortunately, they can be labeled by others as troublemakers and get blamed when things go wrong. We’ll start with a question from someone who seems to be alienating coworkers without knowing it and go on to address scapegoats at work

Rebels at Work — How To Survive When Your Protector Leaves

Are you a rebel at work? Do you manage a rebel? In this episode of My Crazy Office podcast, Kathi and Katherine discuss the strengths and weaknesses of rebel employees. First, they offer advice to a rebel whose protective boss is leaving the company. During the second part of the podcast, Kathi and Katherine give tips to managers about teaching their rebels how to mend fences. Listen and learn!